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My name is Mitchell Mullen; I am a Sioux Falls Local with a Mechanical engineering degree. I have been working in the industrial field for the last 10 years. RPM is a business model I created to provide Sioux Falls area home owners with fast and inexpensive labor, while maintaining the quality and reliability of a large company. The difference is overhead. We provide the same service for less. Also, operating first come first serve provides you with the fastest results possible.


I started doing small projects more than 20 years ago, with my handyman father. He taught me Landscaping, Retaining Wall, Roofing, Tree, Concrete, Framing, Sheetrock, Stone Patio, Fencing and much more. As I grew in experience, I put my own creative spin on each and have become proficient in all. I also have a variety of professional licensing in the state of South Dakota, some include residential contracting, property management, home inspection, and home appraisal. We proudly provide copies of our licensing, bonding, and insurance by request. Thank you for considering a small, family-owned business to meet your needs.