laundry before   laundry after

Closet remodeled into a main floor laundry facility.

door outside before  door inside after door outside after

Added exterior garage man door.

garage middle 1 garage middle 2 garage middle 3

Garage finished with sheet rock, tape, texture, and paint.

bathroom bathroom after

Updated bathroom with new wall coverings, tub shroud, and flooring.

chimney 1 chimney 2

Rebuilt rotten chimney box in cedar.

deck 1 deck 2

Rebuilt old deck wider and added pergola.

doors 1 doors 2

Changed walls and added interior doors.

sidewalk 1 sidewalk 2

New sidewalk.

siding 1 siding 2

Sealed leaking window, replaced rotten siding.

gate 1

Custom fence and gate.

mailbox 1

New mailbox.

shelvs 1

Custom fit shelves.

stone 1 stone 2

Tuck point crumbling basement walls.


Frame, insulate, vapor barrier unfinished basement.